" There are tales I dearly need to tell. Stories that deserve to be told. Quests that need a new generation of heroes to be fulfilled. To make them come true, I need Players daring enough to drop their TV series, Heroes dashing enough to make them forget their consoles and phones. 

Be it that I’ve just finished reading a comic or watching a movie, or that I’ve invented a whole world from the ground up, I want my friends, my family, my kin, to live inside it for real. To be a part of it

I want to share my dreams, not just be fed by the ones the Medias sell."



CARTOMANCY the 54-card RPG is a radical game based on radical choices. We designed it as if it was a fortune telling device because, according to us, nobody has been able to solve recurrent boring questions about RPG:

   1 – How to start playing at a moment’s notice.

   2 – How to create a character the same way.

   3 – How to be able to play just everywhere.

   4 – How to get rid of that “math contest” feeling.

   5 – How to solve the feedback delay paradigm between telling what you want, computing a modifier, rolling dice according to this modifier, having a rule system digest the modified roll AND EVENTUALLY being told the result.


To these questions we gave radical answers: 

   1 – NO COMPUTATIONS, no adjustments. Yes for real, we manage things another way.

   2 – CHARACTERS created with no class, purchase points, or intermediary computations.

   3 – NO DICE, but only a 52 or 54 cards deck, so as to be able to play everywhere, in a camping, on a boat, or even in an inmate cell.




All this has been summed up in ONE SINGLE RULE called THE ORACLE:

"When the GM thinks the time has come to know what will happen, he will draw a few cards according to some kinda gypsy ritual.

According to the suits drawn, the group’s Fate will be determined for each and every characters involved in the scene.

Then, according to the characters Qualities, Behaviors & Risks taken, their individual actions’ Outcomes will be determined.”